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Registered Nurse Service:  

A licensed Registered Nurse is on staff from 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM  Monday - Friday.

Resident care aide (RCA) service:

Fair Oaks residents are offered this service in their private one or two-room apartments.  This allows for greater independence, and also provides the care the resident may need for their daily tasks of living.  Family members will have a greater peace of mind knowing their loved ones are being given the care they need in a private setting.    Each resident will have a Resident Assessment Support Plan (RASP) created by our care staff in conjunction with the resident and their family members.  Fair Oaks offers a wide range of services that may be contained in the RASP, per the requirements of the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, Chapter 2600 code. RCA service provides care for the resident throughout the day. The RCA may assist with escort service to all meals and activities per the RASP. Customized aide care may also include bathing, personal grooming, hygiene, dressing, bed-making, preparing laundry for pick-up, emptying trash and light housekeeping, as it relates to the residents’ care.  

Medication distribution service:  

This service provides a trained professional (med-tech) to order, chart,  pour and distribute all medications.  The med-tech will observe the resident taking the medication and will work directly with the doctor and pharmacist acting on behalf of the resident receiving the service.  Fair Oaks has selected Johnson's pharmacy as our pharmacy of choice.  If a resident wishes to order their medications from another pharmacy then they must re-order their own prescriptions and give them to the Health Services department at Fair Oaks.  

Rehabilitation service:  

Located on our lower level, Fair Oaks leases space to Genesis Rehabilitation Service.  For a complete guide to the services that they provide, please request a brochure.